The website mission statement:

This website was started with the intent to allow those who are unable to provide monetary compensasion for items or services with an alternative solution. It is the goal of this website to facilitate making the connections that would allow people to trade items and skills for other items and skills.

Legal disclaimer:

This website is not here to litigate, monitor or enforce any trade agreements.

We are simply here to facilitate connections among people who wish to trade.

This website is under construction and is a work in progress. People or bots who post for sale items that require money transactions will be blocked and their posting removed.

If malicious intent is detected, the post and person/bot will be banned.

Those under the age of 18 should not be trading online with strangers. Predators are out there, if you are at all wary of a posting, do not engage. If you are under 18, have an adult (parent/guardian) be responsible for your trade. If there is reasonable suspicion that a post is from a minor, or a predatory account, the account will be blocked, suspended and all posts can be deleted.

Be cordial, be kind, and trade carefully.

Cash/money trade is not allowed.

There are many websites that can be used to buy or sell items, this is not that site. The intentions of this website are to allow people to connect with services and goods that can be traded without money.

For example:

A good friend is able to do simple plumbing repairs but is in need of a gift for the wife. The wife would love a home made quilt made with special fabrics that require someone skilled with a sewing machine. The friend would post something along the lines of, "in need of a homemade quilt made with burlap fabrics by Christmas" and in a skills to trade section: he would put, "simple home plumbing repairs, or home repairs that do not require licencing and certification for completion."

Certification and Licensing:

If you are trading with someone who has certification, licensing and/or insurance, please be advised to make sure everything being done is in compliance with the law, and seek a written contract for this kind of traded skill. And please don't trade without these licensing and certifications on something that could cause any harm to yourself, humans/animals in general or your property. Electrical, brakes on your vehicle, or Asbestos removal would be prime examples of things not to trade without these certifications and licensing.